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Modern Anganwadi

Empowering Moradabad's Anganwari Kendras Through Digitalization

UDGI Foundation’s Commitment: Bridging Educational Gaps

Significance of Moradabad District and Anganwari Centers

Addressing the Digital Divide:


Moradabad’s Digital Disparities

The Urgent Need for Digital Transformation


Project Overview:


“Creating Digital Anganwari Kendra” Initiative

Key Goals and Objectives

Digital Infrastructure:



One PC/laptop i5 

One 32-40 inch LED TV

One Alexa Device

Four Tablets


Purpose and Functionality of Each Component


Training Anganwari Workers:


Comprehensive Training Program:

Digital Literacy

Content Delivery

Classroom Management

Empowering Anganwari Workers as Digital Educators

Centralized Admissions System:


Streamlining Admissions:

Online Application

Transparency and Efficiency

Benefits for Parents and Anganwari Centers


Student-Centric Website:


The Educational Website:

Access to Learning Materials

Interactive Features

Facilitating Technology-Based Learning

Project Implementation Timeline:


Phases from Inception to Full Deployment

Budget Allocation:


Detailed Budget Breakdown

Sources of Funding and Allocation

Expected Outcomes:


Improved Quality of Education

Enhanced Student Engagement

Accessibility to Digital Learning


Sustainability Plan:


Ensuring Long-Term Viability

Potential Partnerships and Support

Community Impact:


Stories and Testimonials:

Anganwari Workers

Benefiting Families

Tangible Proof of the Project’s Impact

Challenges and Solutions:


Potential Challenges:

Connectivity Issues

Training Barriers

Strategies to Overcome Challenges

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