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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

 Every Rural citizen deserve digital transformation.”

Today the need of time is that we have to connect every person of the village with the Digital India revolution.

If they want to make them self dependent & ease of living then they will have to do digitally transformed so that life can be simplified and they can also get the same facilities that the people of the city get.

Giving priority to all these, UDG India Foundation has taken this campaign forward very fast.
We have done the work for empowering the people of the village keeping all aspects in mind while connecting them digitally.

We are helping children to get digital education through digital transformation.
We are providing easy access of treatment to village people with digital health.

We are also facilitating cameras in the village to make people feel safe and are also providing internet facility to the rural people through afordable Wifi facility.
We are working to connect those people with digital technology so that their lives can be changed.
We hope that you will also help us in taking forward this work by giving your remarkable contribution.

We are Awesome Volounteer Team

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