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Health & Nutrition

Health & Nutritione Programs

UDG India Foundation understand and feel the pain of needy & poor people who are unable to get their treatment due to lack of money & awareness.
We have stood shoulder to shoulder to provide the Right treatment, medicines and all health related facilities to those people through technology based digital health in their own village to make easy accesibilty of health facilities.
We regularly provide health facilities to the people in their villages while doing free Tele-consultation camps from time to time.

Apart from this, taking the pledge of TB Eradication India 2025, we are working with the government to make people awareness, medicine distribution, food distribution & adopting more and more TB patients and giving them a new life is one of our priorities.

We have consistently helped lakhs of people get the vaccine in the time of Covid-19 with utmost dedication.

On the other hand, through Digital Blood Bank, the needy people can get blood near them at the right time and people’s lives can be saved, we are constantly moving forward with the cooperation of the public blood donation.

We are making people aware of Yoga and Ayurveda to make a healthy India by supporting Yoga and Ayurveda and we do programs from time to time to teach Yoga to our community.

We hope that you will also join hand with us and give your support in taking Rural India’s health facilities to the needy people.

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