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Smart Village Development

 Village is also ready to become smart.



UDG India Foundation is taking steps to make the village smart, so that the village should not be deprived of any city-like facilities and do not lag behind due to lack of any facilities, where we develop the village keeping all the basic things in mind & their tradition, culture & civilization should also be maintained.

We want that the people of the village should also be ready to change with the times so that their life can be made easy.


We are fulfilling the dream of smart village by connecting the people of the village with technology like digital education, solar energy, electric Vechile, digital payment, telemedicine, tele -Law services, online skill & development, social media platform etc.


We are making the lives of rural people easier by joining the Digital & smart India Movement.

We are dreaming of smart village to all the villages of the country, for which you must give your support.

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