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Youth development

Youth development

Unleash Potential Of Youth So That They Can Contribute As
Active Citizens Of The Society

Child marriage is a serious problem across India, with detrimental effects on young lives. 

Uttar Pradesh Scenario:

  • Prevalence: Although there has been a decrease, data suggests Uttar Pradesh still has a higher percentage of child marriage compared to the national average. Reports show a decline in child marriage of girls from 21.1% (2015-16) to 15.8% (2020-21) [Hindustan Times]. Interestingly, the data also suggests a higher prevalence of child marriage among boys than girls [Hindustan Times].

Nationwide Causes:

  • Poverty: Economic hardship can pressure families to marry off daughters early as a way to reduce financial burden and secure their future, mistakenly believing marriage offers protection.
  • Lack of Education: Limited access to education, particularly for girls, perpetuates traditional views on gender roles and undervalues their potential.
  • Social Norms & Patriarchy: Deep-rooted social norms and a patriarchal system can view early marriage for girls as desirable.


UDGI Foundation focuses on improving the employability of youth from rural areas and underprivileged sections of society who do not have access to modern facilities and resources. Our youth development programmes therefore aim at identifying unemployed youths primarily from SHG families, who are eager to earn a better living but do not know how to start. With partnerships with some renowned organizations and institutions, these youths get quality training and become self-sufficient & self-reliant. We facilitate their access to career counseling, job-oriented training, and placement.

Our Co-designed Curriculum

Gender-Based Violence

We orient the youth on Sex and Sexuality, gender equality, stereotypes, and belief, various types of gender-based violence, its effects on adolescents, and how to reduce the risk of gender-based violence and the possible ways to overcome it.


We provide knowledge on the importance of nutrition and a balanced diet in adolescent age and pregnancy, the food pyramid, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, etc., so that youth can adopt healthy practices for better growth.

Non Communicable Diseases

We orient youth on the types of NCDs i.e. cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes, hypoglycemia, cancer, etc., some reasons, facts, and misconceptions related to these diseases, healthy lifestyles to avoid the NCDs, various tests and reports to diagnose, and various govt. Schemes to support the patient.


This covers what is masculinity and its adverse impact on adolescents covers which includes no sharing of feelings by boys which leads to pressure and fear etc. Which affects their personal and professional life.

Mental Health

We orient youth about the importance of mental health in adolescent age, identifying mental health issues i.e. exam pressure, anxiety, fear of the unknown, change in body language, depression, excessive use of technology, etc.

Substance Misuse

We orient youth about the possible reasons for being addicted to toxic substances i.e. for being stylish and cool, for coming out of depression and mental health issues, broken relationships, fear, anxiety, etc., various misconceptions and facts on substance misuse, various laws, helpline, institutions and counseling support by the govt.

Reduce Discrimination

There are three themes we cover, puberty & associated changes, menstrual hygiene, personal & genital hygiene, RTIS/STIS & HIV, conception & contraception, the right age for marriage, and maternal health care.

Creating Safe Space

We are striving for creating a safe space and develop life skills as well. We have devised a sports-led methodology that aims to build the capacities and confidence of youths especially young girls and women across

Effective Communication

We orient youth about the importance of effective communication, various ways of effective communication be it with the parents, partners, friends, teachers, etc., and the implications of not putting their thoughts and grievances effectively.

Developing Life Skills

We have devised a sports-led approach to developing life skills, that aims to build the capacities and confidence of youth, especially young girls and women. Using games & activities like Kabaddi, we encourage young people, especially girls, to break the stereotype, open up and express themselves on issues relating to gender taboos, patriarchy, and sexual and reproductive health.

We also trained them on various life skills theoretical and practical aspects. These all activities contributed to life skill development and nurturing, and inspire young lives to become sensitive and responsible citizens.

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