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Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy

Over the past few years, India has emphasized on make in India, Digital India, skill India, and several other important initiatives. To leveraging all these initiatives required digitally trained people. As we belong to the 21st century that’s pretty much tech-savvy and have the know-how of everything digital, there’s still a section of the country deprived of even the basics of technology. India has about 600 million internet users, which is counted as approximately 12% of global users. According to government data still only 20% of Indians know how to use digital services. There is still a big segment of the population who do not have access to the internet and online services. The Internet Saathi program was launched in collaboration with Tata Trust and Google India to improve digital awareness and leverage the power of the Internet and smartphones that are seeing deeper penetration in rural pockets.

UDGI Foundation: Bridging the Digital Divide in Rural India

The UDGI Foundation is a force for good in rural India, specifically targeting the crucial area of digital literacy. Their dedication to empowering young people in these areas is transforming lives.

Focus on Digital Literacy

The foundation recognizes the importance of digital fluency in today’s world. By providing access to technology, digital training, and essential resources, they’re equipping these young individuals with the skills they need to thrive in the digital age. This focus on digital literacy bridges the gap between urban and rural communities, fostering a more equitable future.

Reaching Over 10,000 Students

The impact of UDGI Foundation’s work is undeniable. They’ve successfully trained over 10,000 students in digital literacy programs. This accomplishment signifies a significant step towards closing the digital divide in rural India.

UDGI Academy: Free Online Courses

The UDGI Foundation leverages online learning through their UDGI Academy platform. This platform offers a free digital literacy course designed for beginners. The course covers essential topics like:

  • Introduction to digital devices
  • Operating digital devices effectively
  • Understanding the internet
  • Communicating and using the internet for various purposes
  • Exploring the applications of the internet

With these fundamental skills, students gain the confidence to navigate the digital world and unlock its potential.

Empowering the Future

The UDGI Foundation’s commitment to digital literacy empowers young people in rural India. By equipping them with the tools they need, they’re not only shaping individual futures but also paving the way for a more digitally inclusive and prosperous rural India.

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